Getting your Thai girlfriend Australian visa to visit you:

Get my Thai girlfriend Australian visa? How can I get started?

thai girlfriend australian visaTo get your Thai girlfriend Australian visa please contact us now. You can also find some frequently asked questions below.

How can I get my Thai girlfriend Australian visa?

Simply contact us, we will process the visa application for your girlfriend to come to Australia in around 4 weeks.

How long will my Thai Girlfriend get to stay in Australia?

Australian Visitor visas, also known as tourist visas, are normally granted to Thai ladies for a 3 months stay.

How long do I need to have known my Thai girlfriend before she can get an Australian visa?

There is no set time for this, we will show Immigration that your relationship is genuine and that you will take care of your Thai girlfriend while she is in Australia.

My Thai Girlfriend does not speak much English, is this a problem for getting an Australian visa?

This is no problem at all, we have Thai staff who are happy to speak to your Thai girlfriend. They will talk her through the process so that she feels comfortable about what is going on.

Can my Thai girlfriend stay longer in Australia?

Usually the first visa will be granted for a maximum for 3 months. You can however usually extend this while your Thai girlfriend is in Australia. If your Thai girlfriend is already in Australia then contact us so we can help process an extension to her visitor visa.

Getting your Thai girlfriend Australian visa to stay permanently with you:

I am thinking about getting married to my Thai girlfriend, will this affect the visa application?

The only effect will be that we will need to inform Immigration of the change in your status. If you are in a long-term relationship with a Thai lady, then you can think about getting a permanent partner visa for Australia. Then she can come and go from Australia as she likes.

How long do we need to be married before we can get a Partner visa?

You should have been married at least 6 months before you apply for a permanent Partner visa for Australia.

Can we get a Partner visa even if we are not married?

Yes, the Partner visa can be applied for on a de facto basis. If you have been living with you Thai girlfriend in a de facto relationship then contact us about getting a permanent Partner visa for her to remain in Australia.

How much does a visitor visa cost?

We currently charge AUD$750 to process an Australian Visitor visa for your Thai girlfriend.

How much does a permanent partner visa cost?

We currently charge AUD$2090 to process an Australian Partner visa for your Thai girlfriend.

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